About us

The department of Civil Engineering was founed in 2011, offering a comprehensive range of undergraduate courses in the fields of structural analysis and design, project management. Our dedicated staff, modern laboratories, learning facilities and highly relevant curricula altogether create an inspiring environment that fosters innovation and success of students.

The department is active in research, brings a unique advantage to our undergraduate degrees which would be respected and valued by industry and commerce nationally. Furthermore, our close involvement with industry ensures our teaching and research has relevance and meaning.


  • Faculty members and staff of the department are experienced in teaching and research, and have been trained at well-known universities in UK, Singapore, Japan. Research performance of our faculty members and staff have been recognized by a number of international and national awards.
  • The laboratory system includes two modern labs: Strength of Material Lab, Fluid mechanics Lab that can meet the requirements for quality training and basic research. Through strong collaborations with national and international partners, we implement advanced research and continue to expand our research facilities.

The photos of our labs are as follows:

Overview of Lab Equipment:
Mechanics of Materials Testing ApparatusFluid Mechinics Testing Apparatus
"Buckling of Struts" Testing Apparatus"Bending Stress in a Beam" Testing Apparatus
"Redundant Truss" Testing Apparatus"Continuous and Indeterminate Beam" Testing Apparatus
"Steel Tensile Strength" Testing Machine"Jet Trajectory and Flow Through an Orifice" Apparatus
"Fluid Friction" Testing Apparatus"Flow Measurement" Testing Appratus





Concrete Testing MachineSmart Dynamic Strain Recorder